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If you find yourself dreading Mondays, feeling a strong sense of anxiety in the pits of your stomach on the way to work, or counting the minutes before you are finally free to clock out for the day, you might be a part of a toxic work culture. Coming to this realization might not be the easiest if you aren’t sure of the identifying factors. And while an unhealthy work culture can manifest in many different ways, here are three of the most common to be aware of.

High Turnover Rates

People will always retire, move, or look for positions to better fit their lifestyle needs, but if employees are running out of the door on a weekly basis, the issue might lie within the work culture. Statistically, people are more likely to stay with a company that offers a healthy work environment and appears to care about those within it. So, if the collective is operating on a “here today and gone tomorrow” basis, take that as a huge red flag, and consider forming an exit strategy of your own.

Constant Gossiping

No matter how professional the environment is, people will always find a grievance to cling to; however, if the nature of most of the floating conversations tend to be negative, it is time to consider why this might be. As gossip is usually riddled with lies, misunderstandings, and potentially harmful information, it is the job of the employer to rectify the issue by holding the culprits accountable and working to resolve any issues that might have warranted the bad-mouthing. But, if no action is being taken, there might not be enough support on board.

Bad Communication

If you are frequently confused about your work duties or are constantly being given conflicting information by members of the leadership team, communication is likely an issue at your job. Effective companies understand how important it is to keep everyone on the same page and have well-thought-out processes to ensure that each employee knows where and how to get their questions and concerns resolved.

No job is worth sacrificing your mental health. If you find yourself struggling to keep sane both on and off the clock because of a toxic work culture, it is time to make a much-needed career switch.