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The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation is now expanding to a bigger financial relief fund. The fund was quietly launched earlier this month to help people struggling financially. It focuses on individuals struggling to make ends meet during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has affected how people lead their lives. With many people facing financial ruin, the black lives matter COVID relief survival fund is making a notable difference. This particular fund has asked its members to apply for the Survival Fund Grants. The Grants is responsible for providing the much-needed financial aid. The process involves funds being deposited directly to the bank or the prepaid debit cards. The founders believe that there is no need to hoard resources to themselves but instead share them out.

Many people are applying for these funds forcing the founders to halt the registration process. The foundation has uplifted the lives of the black community at large, especially during the pandemic period. The pandemic has rendered most people in the black community jobless while others have reduced their working hours. For example, 45-year-old Kusema Thomas, community organizer and mental health specialist had his hours reduced. It has affected most people’s financial status, and the foundation has helped by giving out funds to the vulnerable. The funds’ first recipients were the community organizers. These were formerly incarcerated individuals and victims killed during police brutality. Financial aid has gone a long way in assisting these victims.

The funds are usually administered through Up Together. It seeks to disintegrate the cycle of poverty by uplifting the community and encouraging entrepreneurship. The uplifting process involves direct investment and also promoting business ideas to encourage financial breakthrough within the community. The initiative brings out the black community’s togetherness and the spirit of always helping each other out.

The government has not been left out as it has created and passed the COVID-19 relief legislation fund. The new administration has taken this matter as a priority helping the citizens of the country. It is a global pandemic that every country needs to devise ways of uplifting its citizens who have been hard-hit financially, emotionally, and mentally. With such kinds of financial assistance, black lives have been uplifted, with many surviving the COVID-19.